Mallikoira: Pirre

SATIN collars (2014)

*** Collection discontinued summer 2017 and replaced by SILKO Nov 2017 ***

DIMANGI and SHINE collections met with a popular demand from the moment they became available on the market. The shiny velvet padding was loved by most dogs but there was still one group of dogs that clearly were in need of even more comfort and softness – the fluffy and the long-haired. Even the smallest friction between the collar and the coat causes the hairs to tangle so something needed to be done.

Kana had custom-made satin lined collars for her numerous poodle, bichon and sheltie-customers for a long time. It was now time to add such a fluffy-dog-collection for retail sales. The choice between the various few lining possibilities was difficult and needed thorough comparison tests but satin won as it just happens to be extremely gentle for long and easily tangled coat. The unfortunate feature with satin as a material is that it is very delicate and sensitive to sharp things, so it has to be handled and washed with extra care. However the user experiences were so good that satin was chosen and out came the SATIN collection year 2014.

The color palette includes the same delicious 9 colors that are used in the other collar collections: pink, turquoise, black, red, green, silver, gold, violet and orange.




SATIN Turquoise




SATIN Silver

SATIN gold

SATIN Violet

SATIN Orange