Modell dog: Chico

SILKO collection (2017)

The SATIN collection that came out year 2014 got a nice welcoming from the fluffy dog fanciers. Still I was not completely satisfied with satin as fabric. I was constantly looking for an even better alternative for it. After multiple trials and errors and putting sample collars thru my test crew and their dogs I found Silko. It really may sound too good to be true being very smooth like silk against the coat, water repellent, tolerant and durable for little claws and on top of all does hardly create any static electricity. In fact none at all according to my test crew. What a gem for a fabric!

Silko took my collections like a storm and kicked out the whole Satin collection. Satin was discontinued summer 2017 and the first Silko collars came from the production house in November 2017. They started to spread to my retailers and customers have been more than happy. Silko material is in use in my handmade-section too.


Available colors: pink ja black



Reflective tape is high quality 3M Scotchlite.

Modell dog: Fuego

The collars can be machine washed cold in a washing bag.

The size number of a collar means the collar at smallest and measured from the inside of the collar. The half check part opens the collar up so it can be slipped on over the dogs head.

The collar is correct size when the dogs neck (behind the ears) measures about the same as the size marking.

Sizes: 24, 27, 30, 33, 36, 40, 45, 50 ja 55 cm
Widths: 3,5 cm (24cm), 4 cm (27-33 cm), 5 cm (36-55 cm)
Half check part length: 5,5 cm (24 cm), 7 cm (27-33 cm), 9,5 cm (36-55 cm)

Silko – Pink

Silko – Black