Collar collection

Available through our Wigstas aka selected retailers.

DIMANGI- and SHINE-collections’ padding is lined with a luxurious and ultra-soft shiny velvet. SATIN- collection’s padding is lined with satin which is the most gentle material for all dogs but especially for dogs with long or curly fur such as bichon frisés, poodles and wheaten terriers. It is also a comfortable choice for furless dogs such as the peruvian hairless. The Shine- ja Satin-collars are also available in my MINI- collection. This collection is designed especially for small dogs such as yorkshire terriers and chihuahuas. It can be used for puppies too.

Dimangi-pantojen värivalikoima
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Upeat Shine-pannat
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Satin-pannat hehkuvissa väreissään
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MINI Shine -pannat minikoirille
MINI SHINE -collars

MINI SATIN -collars



The reflective tape used in all the products is the highest 3M Scotchlite quality. The collar’s half check part has a keeper to tighten the collar so it won’t fall out.

All collars, including the DIMANGI products, can be machine washed in 40°C in a washing bag or by hand using a mild detergent.


To find the optimal collar size for your dog, measure your dogs necks snugly with a measuring tape behind the dogs ears. Choose the collar that has the closest or same size as your dogs neck.

Collar size is the collar at smallest. The half check part let’s the collar open up so it can be easily slipped on and of.

SIZES: 24, 27, 30, 33, 36, 40, 45, 50 and 55 cm.
WIDTH: varies according to the size from 3,5 cm to 5,5 cm.

MINI collars:
SIZES: 20, 23, 26 and 29 cm.
WIDTH: 3 cm in all sizes